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Community Association Management


Access Property Management is fully equipped to provide top quality accounting services to a Community Association.  We utilize a powerful cloud based property management software system that essentially integrates a full spectrum accounting program along with a word processor allowing us to attach owner correspondences to easily track owner CCRs violations and subsequent collections.

If there’s a need to have an onsite office at a Community Association - no problem, we simply add the Association to our user base with authorities specific to the Association and permissions limited to the role of the onsite personnel.

One common Community Association mistake is not diligently budgeting enough for long-term capital reserve replacement of depreciating systems, and consequently, the Community Association suffers through a number of special assessments.  By accurately budgeting for long-term capital improvements along with regular maintenance, these type of special assessments can be avoided.

Lastly, because our accounting data and attached resident correspondences are stored in "the cloud", there is never a security issue as all the data is vaulted behind multi-million dollar firewalls. No hacked computers.  No unauthorized access.  A complete audit trail insures compliance with laws and reduces liability.

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