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Community Association Management


Daily management of all Association affairs is essential to maintain Association aesthetic presentation through the responsible execution of Association covenants, conditions and restrictions.

The primary day-to-day duties of an Association’s Board of Directors are:

  • enforcement of Association covenants and restrictions to preserve top quality community life experience,

  • the care-taking of common area property within a development, such as parks, ponds, walkways, swimming pools, club houses and so forth that must be continually maintained, and

  • management of all accounts payable and receivable.


Board of Directors management of these duties requires more than casual attention - it can easily become a full-time job!

Access Property Management is well positioned to take-on the managerial duties of an Association’s Board of Directors.  We enforce Association’s CCRs in order to ensure optimal operation and to preserve its unique aesthetic appeal.  We have established many local property related vendor relationships allowing us the pleasure of full scope maintenance and repairs of any Community physical system.

Additionally, we utilize a sophisticated cloud based property management software system that provides full accounting functionality, allows us to generate and log all violation letters specific to each resident’s account, monitor compliance periods, and to chronicle actual compliance for the Association’s record keeping.  Also, our residents are able to pay their monthly assessments online and directly into their account, setup monthly assessment auto-charge, and initiate service requests online.

Stated below are just some of the highly beneficial managerial services we provide:

  • Billing & collection of annual assessments.

  • Vigorous pursuit of delinquent homeowner fees.

  • Preparation of financial reports/bank reconciliation.

  • Payment of all Association bills.

  • Managing monthly expenses.

  • Regularly property inspections.

  • As directed by the Board, authorize and facilitate those activities which are necessary to maintain the property.

  • Issue work orders and monitor contractor performance to assure that work has been completed in a timely manner and to the satisfaction of the Board.

  • Completion of property inspections and field supervision of contractors.

  • Identification and notification to the Board of serious non-routine maintenance needs along with proposed solutions.

  • Observe, record and monitor deed restriction violations.

  • Establish, coordinate and provide the administrative and secretarial functions of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC), including preparation and review of architectural applications, correspondence with owners requesting ARC compliance or completion of applications, and all necessary correspondence related to the ARC.

  • Obtain contractor bids & oversee contractor performance.

  • Maintaining vendor & contractor relationships.

  • Attend to all necessary correspondence on behalf of the Board.

  • Organize social events & seminars.

  • Assist the Board of Directors in preventive maintenance program for the common areas.

  • Finding service providers for the community (landscaping, maintenance, etc.)

  • Plan repairs and improvements to the common areas and amenities.

  • Completion of cost effective and efficient contract bidding, negotiations and administration.

  • Assist the Board of Directors in obtaining bids and negotiating with vendors for outside services.

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