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Property management solutions helping make your real property ownership simple, easy & stress free!

Hello!  I'm Daniel Akulow, CPM, Realtor-Broker of Access Property Management and I invite you to become part of our family of property owners!


The purpose of Access Property Management is to create long-term sustainable and appreciable real property value.  Our team is experienced and we're qualified to take care of your real estate - yes we are seasoned professionals!  But more than that, we'll take on ownership of your properties.  We have sound best practices management procedures and we'll also do our work with the personal services that you want and need!


I, along with my dedicated staff, are committed to deliver the best possible service to our property owners and tenants.  I invite you to become part of our family of property owners...I am very confident you'll be more than satisfied!  Thanks for your time and attention!



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Management Philosophy

The management philosophy of Access Property Management is to deliver to you strategic asset growth for increased profitability through undivided loyalty, complete honesty, exceptional knowledge and sound ethical conduct.  We acknowledge that you will entrust your real property into our hands for day-to-day management and we believe that you deserve our utmost performance, prompt communication and diligent accountability.

We have our finger on the pulse of this market!

We closely follow the real estate rental and sale market.  We know what the trends are and how to use them to our mutual benefit.  We maximize every opportunity and pass that knowledge and experience on to you as our client in the form of fast action and the highest possible return on your investment.

Just some of our valuable services

Every day we fully engage with our tenants, owners, and repair personnel to deliver top quality service and results.  It's our open dialogue and our personal attention to tenant accountability & aggressive collections, specific owner needs, accounting & property details, and our understanding of our local real estate market that has delivered excellent results to our current family of property owners. Here are some of the services we perform:

  • Comprehensive Tenant Screening

       (criminal background check-local & national, eviction & sex offender, credit)

  • Aggressive Tenant Collections

  • Affirmative Daily Management

  • Immediate Repair Response

  • 3D Virtual Tour of Each Vacancy

  • Our Website, Zillow, and Craigslist Specific Property Marketing

  • Semi-Annual Interior & Exterior Property Inspections

  • Property Budget Setup & Tracking

  • Long Term Preventative Maintenance Planning

  • Property Analysis for Resale

  • Capital Improvement Project Management

  • Homeowners Association Management

Marketing Vacancies

Access Property Management features the industry leading Matterport camera and proprietary stitching software in the marketing of all our rental vacancies to create an incredibly real experience, a sense of being at the rental site, from wherever the prospect may be.  And, the engagement is interactive because the viewer can “choose” where to go in the tour!

Additionally, we generate a black & white schematic floorplan with interior wall-to-wall dimension to allow prospects to connect the floorplan with the 3D virtual tour.  The 3D virtual tour and floorplan allows for the most engaged and interactive showing experience!

All APM vacancies are marketed on our website as well as on Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads and Craigslist.

Property/Unit Pre Move-In Documentation

In addition to the industry leading 3D Virtual Tour marketing, the Matterport imaging process superbly documents the interior condition of each unit prior to tenant move-in. 


A typical 2-bedroom/1-bathroom apartment will result in about 20 high resolution 4K 360-degree images.  These images document all walls, bathrooms, doors, appliances and every other aspect of the living unit leaving no room for tenant argument that a damage was pre-existent to their tenancy.

Owner Web Access

Power at your fingertips - you can save time and get results FAST!!  With Online Owner Web Access we'll keep you completely informed on every facet, every transaction and every step of the entire management process!  It's available 24/7/365 - everyday with unlimited access - at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!  It's linked directly in real-time to our accounting software which allows you to see immediate updates and progress on your property!  With this great feature you can also print-out financial and property reports in PDF or HTML formats!  It's a great feature that helps you save time & money, especially at year-end for tax time!

Tenant Web Access

We make life easy for your tenant!  Just like our Owner Web Access, Resident Web Access is available 24/7/365 - everyday with unlimited access - at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! to you the owner or tenant!  Each tenant can pay their rent online through ACH e-check, look-up their tenant account details, and initiate service requests online!

Other benefits of using Access Property Management

  • Increased Rents

  • Reduced Vacancy Factor

  • Reduce Tenant Damage

  • Reduced Repair Costs

  • Reduced Expensed

  • Management Planning

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Tenant Web Access
Valuable Services
Benefits of APM
Marketing Vacancies
Pre Move-In Documentation


Access Property Management

Primarily Serving Stanislaus County in the cities of Modesto, Ceres, Turlock, Patterson, Riverbank, Oakdale and surrounding communities as well as San Joaquin and Merced Counties.

Our Location

Our Location

Access Property Management is located in Modesto, California, the heart of the agricultural community of the San Joaquin Valley of Central California.  Modesto is the county seat of Stanislaus County with a population of approximately 205,000 residents.  Stanislaus County serves 9 different communities with a population of approximately 850,000.

Modesto is positioned only about 75 miles east from the metropolitan region of the San Francisco Bay Area.  Within the past years, Modesto has experienced significant real estate growth partially fueled by Bay Area residents seeking affordable housing as well as real estate investors seeking cost-effective investment opportunities in the Central Valley and Stanislaus County in particular.



Tel:  (209) 497-6460


1165 Scenic Drive, Suite C3

Modesto, CA 95350

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